For over 30 years Abbco has been providing duct volume control dampers designed to enable full control across a range of air handling systems. Comprehensive technical understanding and knowledge developed over the years combined with a team that delivers the highest levels of service has led to the company being a leader within its field.

Our company is a small but dedicated team that comprises the original creator of the Abbco interlocking Aerofoil blade system along with a dedicate team of assembly engineers. Our dedication to service ensures that we meet the specific needs of your HVAC project by delivering precision engineered bespoke solutions incorporating the unique Abbco design.

All of the components to our volume control dampers are manufactured in the UK with delivery available across the whole country. Dampers can be installed with either manual, electric or pneumatic control systems as required by our clients.

For more information on our product range please contact us here or call 01322 861 676